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That show about a loli loving her brother is GROSE!

It's spelled "gross", they are not related by blood, and were going out before their parents married.
by Kiflaam September 19, 2018
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November 8th, 2017, the nations first sadaversary, marks the day Donald J. Trump won the election for the presidency.
by Kiflaam November 10, 2017
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Based on world-renown virtual youtuber "Yozora Mel", it is the illusion caused by the person in question wearing clothing that comes no higher than the upper breast area, and just before the shoulder. This illusion causes any on-lookers to get the impression the person in question could be naked.
I thought I saw Ashley butt-naked in her backyard from over the fence, but it was just the Mel effect and she was actually wearing a shoulderless crop top.
by Kiflaam June 1, 2022
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