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Port o' Jawn is just another word for
Potty queen,
Potty King,
Port o' potty & porttipotties.

Port o' kabin

and so on.
Port o' jawn is used by people mainly from Philadelphia.
Hence the word jawn
I have to go take a dump in that port o' jawn.
Yo' there anymore port o' jawn's left?
Any port o' jawns 'round here?
by Kieferx3 January 16, 2010
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Facebook is social networking,

alot of times it is used to wait time, and fufill bordum.

Facebook is a good way to "connect" with your friends & start drama. Nothing like two b**** fighting on facebook (:
Hey, can you go on facebook?
OMG, facebook is SOOOO the new myspace.
Ugh, havn't been on facebook in like 1234567890 days! :D

~ i can promise almost everyone who looks at this, has a facebook.!
by Kieferx3 March 13, 2010
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