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lihgt blue wit sparkles means sex in tha water
by KiKi April 1, 2004
Really good book, written by Hubert Selby, Jr. in 1978, published by Thunder's Mouth Press. It depicts three people's spiral deep into addiction on their dreams and drugs.
"I want more drugs."
"Then go get them."
by KiKi January 1, 2005
a person who is nothing more than a sexual playtoy - someone who is not your girlfriend or boyfriend but you have sex with them.
Yo', I ain't gotta worry bout' gettin' some from my girl tonite cuz I can jus' call my dipset.
by KiKi November 9, 2003
"donis ur so good can u sign my mousepad" says a random
by KiKi January 13, 2004
the shit, all that (and as some would say "and a bag of chips")
He/She acts like he's/she's the shiz-nitz.
by KiKi April 21, 2003
Described as what every guy wants. or the perfect girl-friend.
"yo home-boy ova there's got himself a dalilah"
by KiKi June 30, 2004
a word used to describe the physical state of metal after a chemical reaction has occured, or to describe any negative experience
1) That pipe has rusted
2) Damn it, today was so rusted. I got fired, and I'm still in debt.
by KiKi December 18, 2004