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Khayman is a name for someone who is going to achieve greatness in the world she a beautiful and kind and adorable she is also funny she is very quiet and determined she has a big heart and to nice for her own good but if you piss her off all hell will break she smart and wise and can’t take no for an answer if you don’t have a khayman get one before someone else does
Khayman is the realest person to be around
by Khayman November 11, 2019
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a fictional equation created by the tv show LOST.
The "Lost Experience" has revealed that the objective of the DHARMA Initiative is to alter any of the six factors of the Valenzetti Equation, revealed to have a huge impact on the date the human race will destroy itself, whether by global warming, chemical warfare, overpopulation or many other possible methods. These factors are represented as numbers in the Valenzetti Equation and are also the numbers frequently mentioned in the show: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42.

The DHARMA initiative works with the Valenzetti Equation
by Khayman November 7, 2006
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