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Without the/their heads.
Tiger likes to eat babies Woth.
Its fun to watch chickens run around woth.
by KeySignature August 14, 2007

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An explosion of cheese. The explosion can be of solid or liquid cheese and can also pertain to the flavor of cheese as an explosion in your mouth.
Yeah man, i tripped and my nachos went everywhere causeing a Cheese-splosion.

Those freaking nachos were amazing, it was like BOOM, cheese-splosion.
by KeySignature August 16, 2007

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~For The Masses

Originally used in Maple Story Global, by KeySignature to describe the over-use of the Poison Myst build for F/P mages.
:Actual Conversation:

FrogPrYdeH: Myst FTW

KeySignature: Myst FTM

FrogPrYdeH: FTM?

KeySignature: For the Masses, over-used

FrogPrYdeH: oh, lol.
by KeySignature August 17, 2007

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