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The act of being sexy, or in extreme cases of dopeness, so much so its able to masterbate to. jessica alba, jessica biel, meghan fox, are examples of being mastabatorial for sex appeal. an example of being mastabatorial with dopeness is usually only seen in nouns that arent people.
1. BROO did you see transformers?! meghan fox is mastabatorial

2. Dude, did you see that Celtics Pistons game? I might go far enough to say it was mastabatorial!!
by Kevin McCormack January 23, 2008

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Any substance that is deadly to a dog, Usually used with Chocolate
My Girl friend is a bitch

Why is that?

she keeps sending me dog anthrax for valentines day, because she hates fluffy.

Your retarded.
by Kevin McCormack March 08, 2008

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