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When a humorous situation has the potential to become much more serious. Many funny things such as pranks can "Get Real" in a short matter of time. Let's say you are performing a prank where you lube up the floor for your roommate to slip and fall. You wait for you roommate to enter the room, they slip and break their nose, arm, and neck. hmmm.. this prank didn't turn out to be as funny as once expected now did it? Now you have to take them to the hospital, and clean up the slippery floor when you get back home.
Plus now there's legal stuufff, and all these rumors around the neighborhood about you being a total douche and all....
Geeeez.. should have read up on the Urban Dictionary definitions first!
Zachary- "Ha Ha! this nail in the road prank is absolutely hilarious to watch! And everyone here is accepting me socially because I put the nail in the road and cars are getting really close to running it over!"

Ryan- "Yes the prank is fun to watch for now, but when a car really does blow a tire this is going to Get Real."
by Kevin McDouche September 22, 2009

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