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A creature characterized by its laziness and uncontrollable desire for carbs and high-fat, high-calorie foods. Can often be found in homes watching tv and movies, listening to music, or finding other ways to keep occupied while not eating. Poths engage in deep conversations with one another while excommunicating most of the outside world, believing themselves to be superior to mankind. Poths almost never make sense except to other poths and/or poth-like creatures. The poth usually thinks faster than their ability to verbally communicate. Poths are not endangered and are currently being observed & studied for more descriptive traits.

The word Poth was derived from the words pig and sloth. It is also a shortened form of the word POTHEAD.
You're such a poth.

Liz and I enjoy pothing around on Sunday nights.
by KerBear April 16, 2009

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An abbreviation, short for "Look at That Butt". Usually used when a girl consists of above average or higher quality butt. Can also be used on any occasion and/or female.
-A girl walks by-
by Kerbear February 18, 2012

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