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Slang term for Brigham Young University.

Refers to the propensity of Mormons to marry early, and breed lots and lots of little Mormons early in their marriages.
School Counselor: Claire, I know you're 35 pounds over-weight, and totally dig carmel bon bons, but honestly, Breed 'em Young just isn't for you. Have you thought about Utah Valley Tech?
by Kenny Snowball February 27, 2008
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The first owners to have purchased or built homes in a housing development. Though not always living in an actual cul-de-sac, these persons or families do tend to over-pal around, especially during social holidays like the US 4th of July or Labor Day. The cul-de-clique's members typically control production and distribution of pool keys, and direct important neighborhood events such as the Easter Egg Roll and the Independence Day Bicylce Parade.
Our cul-de-clique upgraded the neighborhood Halloween celebration this year to include the passing out of candy by the local fire department's pumper truck. Whatever.
by Kenny Snowball January 08, 2008
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