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A subcategory of fangirl.

1. A fangirl who is obsessed with yaoi

2. The female equivalent of the male unbathed fanboy

Beware of yaoi fangirl groups. If one happens to enter the vicinity of a yaoi fangirl, and one is a relatively cute looking guy, run. Run very far, and very fast. Do not look back. Do not mention certain shows with disdain around them. One will be clawed, or at the very least, never seen from again. Examples of these shows would be, WeiƟ kreuz, Saiyuki, and Inu Yasha. (Don't ask me about the last one, I have no idea why either).

Any anime fangirl could be a yaoi fangirl as they do look like any typical anime fangirl. In fact, if she is into anime, and considers herself a fangirl, there is a very good chance she is a yaoi fangirl. So just beware of them all.

If treaded around carefully, one will survive an encounter with a yaoi fangirl with relatively few scars...that are physical. Psychologists should be standing by.
That yaoi fangirl scared the living crap out of me.

I couldn't hear myself think over the screams of "Seki-san" from those damn yaoi fangirls!
by Ken Hidaka March 08, 2005

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1. n. Sequential Art. (courtesy of Will Eisner.RIP)
2. n. plural in form, used with a singular verb. 1. Juxtaposed pictoral and other images in deliberate sequence, intended to convey information and/or to produce an aesthetic response in the viewer. (according to Scott McCloud's comic, "Understanding Comics." Good comic, go read it.)
I love reading comics.

Person 1: Comics are for kids!
Person 2: Only if you're narrow-minded and a retard.

Superman comics are awesome, but I also like indie comics like stuff from Oni, you know, Blue Monday and Hopeless Savages.
by Ken Hidaka March 08, 2005

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n. Can be used as plural or singular.

1. A Japanese word that means comic or cartoon.

2. Outside of Japan it is used as a term for Japanese comics. Comics that were originally published in Japan, for Japanese audiences.

The topics and styles in Manga are numerous. With stories for the very young, to stories for the very old. There can be as many different styles as there are artists. Manga is not a style from Japan, because there are Japanese artists that do break the typical manga style, yet they are still drawing Manga.

Japanese Manga is redundant unless you are speaking Japanese.

Manga can not be made in the United States, as that would be misusing the term.

There can be comics made outside of Japan that has heavy influence from Manga, but they would be comics, not Manga.

Manga-style, Manga-influenced, and Pseudo-manga can be used to describe such works made outside of Japan.
That manga was fun to read, and the art was awesome.

Manga sucks because it's black and white.

Them Japanese sure like to draw thems manga with us white folks in em, don't they?

It's 3am and I have class in five hours, but I can't stop reading this manga.
by Ken Hidaka March 08, 2005

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