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Garden City is a WESTERN Long Island town, as opposed to some posts defining it as an Eastern Long Island town: it is located a mere 15 minutes east of Queens, NY. GCHS is comprised of the spoiled teens who have always gotten what they've asked for, the jocks (guys or girls), the Masquer theater kids, the loners, skaters, goths, and geeks - but for the most part, their good upbringing has taught them to be polite and respectful. One won't have to go far in Garden City without spotting a Mercedes, as Long Island has the top-selling Mercedes dealership in the country. An unusually high percentage of graduating GC seniors progress into college, most often into Ivy leagues, whether it's because of sports or because of how hard they've studied. The village of Garden City is very safe, clean, and beautiful. The average house is now selling for about $1 million, as a house nearby just sold for that in the mott section and it is a relatively small house. Most people don't realize how lucky they are to live here until they leave.
Non-GC Friend: Wow, is that your car?
GC resident: Yeah.... so?
Non-GC Friend: Where are you from again?!
GC resident: Garden City....
Non-GC Friend: Ohhhh... that explains it.
by Katie Pxxxx March 10, 2006

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