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the acknowledgement of a favour; an increase in value resulting from shared area; when related to venn diagrams, the overlap among two shared circles; a peer-to-peer digital currency used broadly for the exchange of knowledge and favors; the swedish word for friend
I sent ven for hooking me up.

What's that worth in ven?

Just ven me
by Kaskaad Splash October 13, 2008

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Hub Culture is the emerging culture defined by the rise of post-national, globalized citizens who live and work between the world's major hubs and interact in real life with others from shared perspectives.

The term includes perspectives that these groups tend to share in common, including harmonized viewpoints on culture, class, social responsibility, globalization, social cohesion and social networks.

The term first emerged in a book published in 2002 called Hub Culture: The Next Wave of Urban Consumers, which then grew into a loose collective network and a stylized aesthetic.

Hub Culture is largely considered to be one of the first visible impacts of social globalization - an emerging globalization meme following in the footsteps of economic globalization.
Hub Culture includes trends that migrate quickly through urban centers on a global basis, often based on higher-end aesthetics.

Hub Culture people live, commute or travel regularly between multiple world cities.

Many Hub Culture people genetically and culturally identify with more than one city outside of a single country.

Third Culture kids

Globalized aesthetics that are not necessarily American influenced - such as Nobu - a restaurant concept featuring a mix of Peruvian and Japanese, or Skype - a Scandinavian company that connects heavy global users.
by Kaskaad Splash October 13, 2008

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