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When you are driving with your friends and you are bored so you decide to get intentionally lost by following the green lights you run into. The rules are as follows. 1. If you hit a red light you must turn right. 2. If you run into a left turn yield you have the option of choosing to drive straight or turn left. 3. If there is a green left turn light then you must turn left. 4. If you get stopped at the last minute by a yellow light then continue in the direction you were intending to go. 5. Enjoy getting lost.
Hey man I'm bored. Green light game?
by Karlbpwnin June 15, 2010
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Is an acronym for "Time to Pwn" used primarily by nerds and gamers.
"Hey you wanna play some CS?", "Yea dude it's TTP"
by Karlbpwnin May 20, 2009
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