2 definitions by Kappa6921

Vegetarians that think that all the people who eat meat are morally corrupted by Satan because they feast on animals. And then thinks that he is totally right and not weird.
Person 1: Oh my fucking god, he eats and animal that was slaughtered, skinned, cooked! He must die!

Person 2: Dude, I think that your an over vegetarian..

Person 1: Fuck off.
by Kappa6921 February 27, 2016
A person who enjoys beastiality and often pretends being an animal.

The kid in 6th grade that still plays with pencils in the math class for a more clear example.
Person 1: Hey, remember that guy we met last year?

Person 2: He was a real kestutis
by Kappa6921 February 25, 2016