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Don't Give A Fuck

DGAF is a lifestyle. DGAF doesn't mean that you don't care about anything but getting fucked up... it simply means that you don't give a fuck what people think of you. You do what you want because of you.

Just because you DGAF doesn't mean you are an ignorant person who only cares about doing stupid things. To DGAF means you do what YOU want to do, regardless of other people's asshole opinions.

Originated by South Bay OGs Chucky Styles and Gillies
I'm on some DGAF shit
-D Loc

by Kali Kween September 19, 2006
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The beautiful female fans of the Kottonmouth Kings. Real Kweens are down for their Krown, and listen to KMK for the amazing sound and message they have.. not just because they think D Loc is hot... which is a BIG misrepresentation about Kweens.

Kweens are not to be confused with groupies.
It's another beautiful day in paradise
Wake up around 10 adjust my eye sight
I look to my right and to no suprise
I got a Kaliforna Kween sleepin by my side
by Kali Kween September 19, 2006
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