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(Thai street language)

1. (VT) The act of having a sexual intercourse.

2. (INTJ) This sense of the term is used to express a complete surprise. It is usually used as a reply. The term "jed" can be used interchangeably.

3. (INTJ) Always used with "mae" (mother), the term "yed mae!" is an interjection expressing surprise or disgust to a situation, equivalent to "Fuck You!". It does not literally mean "to fuck your mother." Many variations of the term arise such as "mae yed!", "yed ped!" (ped = duck), "yed mon!" (mon is an abbreviation of "Doraemon"), "yed khrok!" (khrok = mortar) etc.
1. I like to "yed" that girl. She's so fuckin' hot.

2. John: Say, I've got laid with that girl last night.
Scott: Yeddddd!!!!! That's so cool, man!

3. John: I've broken your lovely glasses.
Scott: Yed mae!!!!! I'll sunder you fuckin' son of a bitch!
by Kaamanita September 14, 2006

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An acronym for "My Big Penis" as opposed to Macbook Pro for dirty-minded people.
A: This is how I cleaned MBP. I rubbed it with a damp piece of cloth and rubbed it dry with tissue.
B: That sounds dirty.
A: Oh shit. I've just realized an alternative meaning of MBP.
B: I meant the "I rubbed it with a damp piece of cloth and rubbed it dry with tissue" bit.
A: Well, the alternative meaning of MBP sprang up in my mind before that.
by kaamanita April 12, 2011

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