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An AMAAAAZING new band from Minnesota, whom are not easily categorized.

They've got the most amazing moogist, and a fresh, unique sound. Some of their songs sound like revved up 80's songs.

Their lead singer, Justin Pierre, is one of the most talented and clever lyricists of the modern music industry.
Go listen to some Motion City Soundtrack. I promise it'll change your life.
by K_i_t_t_y_K_a_t_ June 21, 2007
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An incredibly disgusting way to lick pussy. It implies that the "licker" is eating the girl out while she's menstruating.

Yummy, huh?
Hahaha, no way. You got him to firefox you?! OWNED.
by K_i_t_t_y_K_a_t_ May 8, 2007
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