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The best engine for a dirt bike, the distribution of the power is great and easy to use........unless your retarded and give a full twist of the throttle in first gear or while driving slowly (thus flipping over backwards).

You can easily tell the difference between a 2 stroke bike and a 4 stroke:

1. Two strokes have a huge pipe (expansion chamber) leading out of the engine and into the silencer.
2. two strokes sounds more like humming, while 4 strokes sound like someone shitting their pants.
3. Two stroke bikes are smaller
4. Two stroke bikes cost less to fix, and unless your stupid you can do the work yourself.
5. Overall just buy a 2 stroke bike!
4 stroke rider: lets race
Two stroke rider: ok


4 stroke rider dies from inhaling the blue haze from 2 stroke rider's bike being in front the whole time.
by KX250 November 19, 2005

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One of the 3 classes in Motocross. 1. The 125 class 2. The 250 Class 3. The Open Class. Possibly the most popular class......

Basically the number means the amount of CC that the bike i supposed to have to compete in the race. But a few years ago people decided that it was alright to race 400cc 4-stroke bikes in the 250 class against 250cc 2-stroke bikes. A 250 4-stroke has no chance against a 250 2-stroke.....so i suppose this is reasonable. The first 400cc 4-strokes did really well against the 250 2-strokes and it pretty much evened thing up (powerwise)......but then the Motocross Committee did something stupid and allowed the 4-strokes 50cc more........and now the 2-strokes are really underpowered and no one races them anymore.

So basically the 250 class is now the 450 class............They should just call it the Open Class, that way we can see a 500cc 2-stroke beat the crap out of a 450 4-stroke.
two stroke definition

The 250 class doesn't exist anymore.........
by kx250 March 31, 2006

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