3 definitions by KNG RCK

to fuck two bad bitches at the same damn time.

To fuck with two hoes that think they the only bitches you be talking too.
Me: Man... I been double dipping Alicia and Ashley this week.

Yo dude: I hope they don't find out bro cuz it's over with if they do.

Me: nahh... That shit be dead dawg, I ain't tryna catch a case.
by KNG RCK August 1, 2019
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Derogatory term generally used in reference to someone sucking your dick and the fact you don't wanna kiss the bitch afterwards.

The fresh scent of another man's nut in your bitches mouth.
Damn son... Linda be havin some bag breath lately, I can't even fuck wit the bitch anymore.
by KNG RCK August 1, 2019
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The act of two individuals having hard core sex, no matter the position usually being extremely pleasurable.
Damn bro, me and Scralett played Two Player last night on top of the roof and I had her ass shaking fr
by KNG RCK August 1, 2019
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