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Comes from a part of the movie Wayne's World in which the host says to Garth (Dana Carvey) "Your name is pronounced Algar, correct?" to which Garth hesitates uncertainly with an "Okaaay..." and then "WAYNE!" Saying this phrase means you either do not understand something someone has said, or you are greatly disturbed by it (or both).
This phrase will constitute the epitome of your feelings when the following occur:

1)Your parents start singing an old and scary song.
2)Your friends or someone else say something dumb or just plain weird.
3)Something just happened, but you aren't sure what, exactly.
by KLOT November 12, 2004
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Something that is just too damn detailed or gives too much information. Word derived from a friend's nickname, a friend who loves to give too much information, which is simultaneously funny and frightening.
Something intricately detailed like a piece of art, like the David, could be said to be Jingles. On the other hand, describing something like the way your boyfriend's cum tasted last night is also Jingles.
by KLOT November 12, 2004
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