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When you are so used to evacuating for a hurricane that never comes that you use the event as an excuse for a vacation or as a "Hurri-cation"
My family looks forward to evacuating during hurricane season every year so we can plan our "Hurri-cation."
by KGuerriero August 31, 2008
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When someone (in conversation) changes the subject in mid-sentence or thought with no transition whatsoever.
When my sisters and I get together, we often engage in "scatter-talk", covering many subjects at once with no transition from subject to subject.
by KGuerriero August 31, 2008
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When you are exercising at the gym and feel really cool....listening to your tunes on your Ipod....feeling like Rocky and then all of the sudden, your Ipod falls on the treadmill or the stairstep machine or elliptical machine and all your confidence just falls to the floor.
I was on the stairstep machine exercising away to my tunes on my Ipod and feeling fine when all of the sudden, I experienced a Pod-flop when my Ipod slipped, fell, pulled my headphones and hat off and made me feel like a total loser.
by KGuerriero August 28, 2008
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