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Urban Dictionary Face Off:

When two complete strangers who have posted the same definition on Urban Dictionary, later come back, maybe several times, each time voting themselves 'up' one vote, & the other 'down' to grapple for first position. Meanwhile, they & other UD readers begin noticing a 'not so coincidental alignment' of each others thumbs up vote/each others down vote as time goes on.

UD Face Offs are brought on either by one of or combinations of revenge, obsessiveness, contempt, stupidity, perfectionism, OCD, jealousy, spite, fun, fear of dominance, may continue out of boredom and the freedoms of anonymity on the internet, or even just because the ball has started rolling & you can't stop it. As with any face off there is usually a 'Winner' & a 'Loser'. A stalemate may occur after an initial stouche, but because of the foot-print left behind from the voting, the new reader/observer reads & corresponds the vote & definition, and in their minds at that moment decide a winner & loser, and after some thought, maybe vote.
Dude I'm in the middle of an Urban Dictionary Face Off!
What the fuck is that?
It's a name i just came up with for this situation I'm in at the moment,
Yeh, this dude posted a definition after mine last year on UD, and ever since there has this been this ever increasing thumbs down vote corresponding with his up vote.
Blimey, that is pretty funny tho.
Yeh it is a bit, heheh.
What are ya gunna do about it?
Nothing, just post this definition.
You gunna keep voting his down every time he votes yours down?
Till the day I die or root jennifer hawkins, which ever comes first dude, which ever comes first. hahahah
by K1977 May 01, 2008
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