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An affectionate term for hips with extra fat, capable of grabbing hold of.
More commonly known as love handles or muffin top
c'mere and let me feel your love muffins, babe.
by K@-x June 24, 2010
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An Angel Personified.

Not quite an angel but the closest thing a human could ever be to one.
Chris: Really, that girl is beautiful shes just flawless

Daniel: Yeah, I agree, shes pure angelisation
by K@-x July 26, 2007
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A social animal is essentially an extrovert.

A confident, outgoing person that enjoys and is comfortable within all social situations, a social animal is not one to shy away from a party (see also party animal) , event or any other form of social gathering.
You can count on Kathryn to be out, she's a social animal!
by K@-x June 22, 2010
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