3 definitions by K to tha G beotch

When your girlfriend / some random chick is asleep and you wrap her hand around your cock and begin to jerk yourself off. She then wakes up and it is understood that she must finish the job.
I pulled the ole' "asleep at the wheel" on my girlfriend last night! Needless to say she was less than enthused, however she finished me off anyways as she was obligated to.
by K to tha G beotch January 12, 2021
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There was a period of time in my life where I could only jerk off while standing in front of a mirror. Thus I coined the term "stand job".
by K to tha G beotch June 28, 2021
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Sex outside of your current relationship while traveling via train.
While aboard the Amtrak #22 North bound for Poplar Bluff Missouri I decided to go hit the bar car in search of some train strange.
by K to tha G beotch October 16, 2019
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