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Boy: Yo Son, you got the Grey Goose on you?

Boy#2: Yeah Son, let's be out.
by Jyuzayeguuwah J. Summers December 6, 2009
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It means that it takes people to kill people with that gun. A gun can't just hop out the holster and automatically shoot it's victim.
Extended Version of "ROMEO MUST DIE"

DMX: Guns don't kill people, People kill people.

Po: You stupid as fuck, nigga.

DMX: Shut the fuck up Chinko before I chunk yo ass up, bitch. This gun can't jump out my God Damn arms and shoot your bitch ass up.

Po and his Crew: Oh.

DMX: (Sucks Teeth and Shakes Head) Stupid ass niggas.
by Jyuzayeguuwah J. Summers November 19, 2009
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