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Liberian Slang for beating, hitting, hurting or harming.
Jaahvaied: Dey next time I see you with dey gang people over there on dey street, I will FLUCK YOU!

Jaahlive: (Sucking Teeth)

Jaahvaied: Javissah, get me my belt.

Javissah: Okay. (Tosses him the belt). You mah fluck him good oh. He too frisky!

Jaahlive: Yall get on my nerves man.

Jaahvaied: (Spanks him) What I tell (Spanks him) What I Tell you.

Jaahlive: (Screaming and Yelling) Alright I'll stop I'll stop (Him getting Spanked continues)
by Jyuzayeguuwaah J. Summers February 17, 2010

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An African American Immigrant that Permanently resides in Liberia. Or American born Liberian that lives by his parents upbringing that come from Liberia.
Sekou: I'm sick and fucking tired of Harlem, I want to go to Liberia. I can have all the Chicks I want!

Justice: Then that'll make you an Americo-Liberian.

Sekou: WORD?

Justice: Yeah. You live there and get all the chicks. I don't think you're going to leave and come back here my man.

Sekou and Justice: (LAUGHING)
by Jyuzayeguuwaah J. Summers February 13, 2010

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A person who is either an Embarrassment or Trying Hard to be someone or something he's not.
Jyulive: You better shut the fuck up with that fucking bull shit that you fucking talking you bitch before I put slap in your ear.

Damoue: Man fuck you bitch ass nigga. (Gets up in his Face)

Jyulive: (Looks at him Perplexed) (Laughing Jumping Up and Down) What the fuck?! This nigga think I'm pussy? (Laughing) Nigga.

Damoue: Look nigga, don't make me fuck you up.

Jyulive: Fuck who up? Fuck who up? You better put them fucking words back in your mouth because you a Poor Excuse for a Gangster!

Damoue: Nigga, I'll pull my shit out right now.

Jyulive: EEEEWWWW! He about to pull his dick out. EWWWWW!

All Liberians: EWWWWWWW.

Elahmahjay and Arlue: (Looking at each other) Ahe my people.

Jyulive: Let me get out of here, they pekin here gay oh. (Laughing Hysterically)
by Jyuzayeguuwaah J. Summers February 13, 2010

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