2 definitions by Jynxd1

To comment, like, and do anything to make sure you've left your presence on someone's facebook page

Usually ending in 99 notifications when the user (victim) logs in. All from you!
a) I logged into my account only to find I'd been facebombed!

b) Hay Mikey,

Yeah Jamie?,

Let's Facebomb Kat's profile!

Shot Facebomb!
by Jynxd1 October 19, 2010
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An often made up name for a lady of Indian decent.
Normally referring to a sexy Indian lady.
A) Hay Mikey, Moline at 4 O'clock

B) Oi bro did you see the Moline walk past!

C) I saw the sexiest girl yesterday...

Was she a Moline?

A total Moline!
by Jynxd1 October 25, 2010
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