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A pleasantly boring town in western Montana. It is probably the most culturally diverse town in Montana. The University of Montana is located here, and the general population is obsessed with going to Griz (mascot) football games. Also it is famous for it’s hippies. It has 2 Walmarts. Oh and, a river runs through it.
We're going to a Griz game in Missoula, and we're going to get totally wasted.
by Justtoast January 4, 2006
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A small, hicktown in western Montana, west of the larger city of Missoula. The main street contains about two bars, a gas station (Frenchy's), and a store. The schools are kind of lame, because some of Montana's most closed-minded people inhabit them. Pretty much everyone there drinks, except the Mormons. There are also quite a few drug users.
I'm going to Frenchtown to get wasted and high!
by Justtoast January 4, 2006
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