2 definitions by Justaineer

1. Refers to the person in charge.
2. The phrase stems from the time of patriarchy when men went out and worked to provide for their families while women tended the home. Men wore pants while women were more likely to wear dresses. The men of that time were seen as the leaders of their families.
3. An insult to one memember of a relationship, usually the male, who has lost or willingly given the majority of control of the relationship to the other.
Ben: Hey, what happened to Joe? His phone rang and the next thing I know he was gone.

Jake: Oh that would have been his wife Donna calling and telling him to come home and put his dishwashing skirt on. She wears the pants in that house.
by Justaineer December 11, 2008
The 2008 record of the Detroit Lions proving that nothing in Detroit can suceed without a government bailout.
The Detroit Lions have set a single season record for losses by going 0-16!
by Justaineer December 28, 2009