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Lindsay is a small town, east of Toronto. Lindsay has the widest streets and the smallest minds in all of Canada. The high-schools are a breeding ground for hick mentalities, and plaid clad sluts. 'Night Life' in Lindsay, consists of The York - with is tech-ni-color dance floor, The Grand - where the farm boys get drunk, and the farm girls, well..., and the occasional Country 105 dance at the armories. The fashion hasn't changed since the early 90's, so chunky heels, and tummy tops can be seen at every corner. None of the residents can drive well, which is why they get in bus loads of foreign people every day, trying out for their drivers license... low standards. Drugs are readily available, and the Liquor store, which is open late for your convenience, will also serve you, even if your falling down drunk. On the plus side, the Pita Pantry, on the main street, makes the best pitas in the entire world.
Stranger: 'Hi, Where are you from?'
Person who moved away from Lindsay: 'Ummm... Peterborough Area.'
by Justa-Nother-Girl March 11, 2011

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