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These are girls without minds of their own. They usually wear mainstream clothing like Aeropostale, Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, et cetera. They sometimes waste all their money at these stores buying the more expensive selections and getting outrageously priced cellphones. In turn, they diss people who have more clothes than them from better places who dress differently. Example: hot topic, express. They have small boobs, large egos, and very small brains. They make fun or belittle others outside the clique. They tend to do more screwing around and getting drunk as hell than worrying about grades, relationships, etc. They also tend to mess with you in groups, then when confronted they either: (1) Lie, (2) Say you're the hater, (3) Selectively remember what they want to, (4) Cry as if you did something (5) or, say that you started it. Don't get me wrong, some preps are nice when you get to know them, but most of them seem to share the same personality characteristics. The best way to get back at them, though is to be different and stand up for what you believe- even if you are the only one left standing, or say something back to them that hits home. The only people that will give this a thumbs-down are preps. Fuck off preps, get a life and get a mind... you are the true hater.
This happens to me a lot, along with my friends. Damn Preppy Girls.
by JustThereActivist May 01, 2010
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