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Wanting/Needing sexual pleasure

What I am right now

You're probably searching this because you are horny
Demi was Horny.Demi went home, locked her bedroom door, and turned on the computer.She quickly went onto RedTube and searched for her favorite porn video.She started rubbing her clit. She put two fingers into her cunt, fingering herself.Suddenly, her phone rang. She answered it and found that it was Justin.
"Hello?" she said. "Hey baby. I was thinking maybe I could come over?" Demi let out a soft moan before replying,"Oooh that'd ve great" In about ten minutes, Justin was over. He walked in and pushed Demi down on her bed. He tongued her then stripped down to his boxers. She smirked evilly and started rubbing him. Justin moaned softly then took off his boxers. Justin got his 10" dick and rubbed it around Demi's opening, teasing her and wanting her to beg. "Oh Justin I want you inside me baby." Justin smirked and stuck his dick inside the slowly started thrusting in and out of Demi. He thrusted slowly at first then went faster. He rubbed on her 32D boobs with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other. "OH JUSTIN OHHH FUCK YES!!!!!!!!! RIGHT THERE!!!!!" "That's right girl, I want you to scream my name!" "OHHHHHH JUSTIN!!! FUCK! HARDER!!! FASTER!!!" Justin went faster then he had ever gone before rubbing her clit at the same time. He then exploded all his fluids inside her and causing Demi to let out a loud moan. They did that in seven different positions that night, falling asleep naked in Demi's jizz filled bed.
by Juliet66 May 02, 2011
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