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I'm so scared

To trust

I'm scared
To be deceived again
I'm scared

To love..

I'm scared

I'm just making things up

in my head that

you leaving me codes
I'm scared

To meet you again
Coz this time I can't act like
We r just strangers..

I'm scared

Coz I can't unlove you
And truth is

We can never be together 💔
by Jujjubee September 29, 2023
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When a couple meet..
there's strong attraction..
you feel a strong pull
you miss them you want them

you just don't understand why..

That's your twin flame..

In twin flames there's always

a chaser.. the one who wants to get together
and a runner , who's is scared to admit the feelings..

The twin flame journey is said to be a hard one.
They'll be hurdles.

If they dare to give it a try,

they say its the best couple journey
which completes each other..

Call them ..
let them know how you feel..
you just may find your true love...
Two parts of a soul 1212 the Twin Flame number it is
by Jujjubee October 2, 2023
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