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"Pharaoh's Cup," or "Egyptian Pong" is an alternative version of the game commonly known as "Beer Pong." The game was established on June 1, 2009 by Egypt crew 2009. It is a game that is played with three or more people. It consists of 19 party cups of beer set up around one center cup in a circular formation ( center 1, inner ring 6 ,outer ring12). The center cup is surrounded by a ring of 6 cups, while the ring of 6 is surrounded by a ring of 12 cups. This game is not played in teams; rather each player takes turns, in a clock-wise or counter-clockwise direction. The winner of the game is the one who makes the last cup remaining. Each player must be at least a distance of 2 steps behind from the outer circle when they are shooting the ball, if he/she is not further than 2 steps behind the outer circle, his/her shot will not count and she will have to reshoot. When a player makes a ball into a cup, he or she gets to choose a player to drink from the cup with the exception of making the center cup, which then the shooter must drink it himself/herself, then replace it with a cup chosen by him/her. By making the outer circle of cups, whoever the player chooses to drink must drink 2 cups (similar to the rules of bouncing in the traditional game of beer pong). However, bouncing will only be counted as one cup in this game. When only 7 cups reamain in the game, an auto re-rack must be performed (no other people are allowed to join the game at this time). The first rack is in the form of the inner circle with the center cup. The second (also the last) re-rack must be done when only three cups remain in the game. This final re-rack takes the shape of a triangle. The winner (player who makes the last cup) claims the last cup as their pharaoh’s cup and can put a tag or initials on it to signify their possession of it. If someone makes that cup in games after that the pharaoh will be able to choose who drinks the cup. The only way to dethrone a pharaoh’s cup is to claim a new pharaoh on that same cup, which means that the last cup remaining must be the pharaoh's cup. ….. Repeat till everyone is belligerent haha
fuck beer pong lets play pharaohs cup
by Juice727 June 16, 2009

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