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Noun. Pronounced (Chy-Moh-Beel) A compound word, combing the slang term Chimo with the adjective Mobile. A vehicle used for the transportation of a child molester and his victims. Typically recognized as a shoddy-looking Chevy van or, in rarer cases, a Volkswagen Bus converted into an ice cream truck. The inside of a Chimobile usually consists of shag carpet, curtains to cover the windows, a large bag of assorted hard candies, and a semen-stained mattress.
Observer: "Wow, did you see that old greasy bald dude get into that beat-up van? That's gotta be a Chimobile!"

Narrator: The Chimobile pulled up to the daycare, an alluring tune streaming from the mounted house speakers, drumsticks and ice cream sandwiches melting in the warm lap of the driver.
by JuhCoby25 September 07, 2009
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A person (usually a male) with a new can of dipping tobacco who neglects to make the socially expected offer to fellow chewers upon entering a group situation, or refuses to share his tobacco with others. Being a Rick tease is widely frowned upon around bonfires, four-wheelers, and 30-racks of Busch Light, especially in Onalaska.
Hooter: "Hey Dirk, y'anna toss me that can?"

Derek: "Nah man, go buy your own can, ya know?"

Hooter: "Quit bein' such a Rick tease, ya'sshole!"

Derek: "Man, you bett'r be thankful y'ain't a Triad, man..."
by JuhCoby25 December 06, 2010
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Noun. The sudden boost in confidence one receives when communicating by means of text. Often visible when communicating through instant messaging or texting, when someone says something you know they would never have the confidence to say in person.
Timid Asian Boy: I hate you! You're a slut! I never want to see you again!

Burly Russian Girl: Say that to my face, Dickslam!

Notice the sudden surge of confidence in the Timid Asian Boy. He would never speak so angrily towards the Burly Russian Girl in person. He is experiencing Texticular Fortitude.
by JuhCoby25 November 19, 2008
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