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1. One that is believed to be a lightweight, but who can actually drink a considerable amount of alcohol, due possibly to ancient Chinese secrets or the fact that he is an android.

2. One that sighs in disgust and refers to people as "fool" or "this idiot."

3. One that has the ability to interface with computer systems to make them work more efficiency, or has herculean capabilities when it comes to menial computer tasks such as typing, data-entry, or removing viruses obtained from porn torrents.
1. A: No way that Chinese dude can drink! B: Yes he can fool, he's a Bertram! Anyway, the Goldschläger is good for his circuits.

2. Bertram: "This idiot wants Vietnamese sandwiches all the time, but I want sushi you fool."

3. A: Did you watch Star Trek the Next Generation? There's this pale guy that can type real fast, like some kind of robot or Bertram or something.
by Juangalt February 13, 2010
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1. A Filipino-shaped indentation in one's sofa, often made deeper by the additional weight of a white woman, or accompanied by an indentation of a tall white woman.

2. In myth: A hangover-induced apparition said to be visible only after waking up after a night of drunken partying. It often takes the form of a Filipino man wrapped in a red shroud.
Go ahead and crash on the couch. Get cozy in the Teilhard.

Alright, but I don't wanna wake up to the Teilhard, he'll eat my fingers like lumpias.
by Juangalt February 22, 2010
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1. The act of ironically revealing one's state of complete mental retardation by attempting to invoke one of a myriad of "splaining" terms such as "mansplaining" or "whitesplaining" in order to shut down an argument.
Seamus PatrickBarrett - oh sorry didn't mean to bust you out for you d--- riding using profanity. I guess wise master typo hunters don't use the naughty words. I can't never be so good at words as you.😣 again, thank you for your magnificent whitesplaining.

Justin Von Striver - I'm going to coin the term #dumbsplaining in your honor, Seamus.
by Juangalt June 01, 2017
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