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Another example of how horribly lazy the American culture has gotten. Not used exclusively by asian youths, yes even some of us "cRaCKer BiTCheS" sometimes use it. I am fortunate to have not come across someone who has used this word.
mE aNd MaI AZn HomEboIS GoT SoMe wIcE So wE Iz gOiNuH ChAo DaOn oN It.
by Josephmr June 20, 2005
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1.A person who excels in one aspect of a sport and completely blows in every other part of the sport.
2. The person who the previous definition originates. Was a national icon until his crowning glory was broken by someone named Mickey.
3. A fatass who is lucky enough to have a single skill that makes him or her worthy of not being killed.
1. Babe Ruth was the master at not getting to first base without hitting a homerun.
2. Babe Ruth was a Yankee so he got a lot of money.
3. Im thinking about telling off Trenton, but that Babe Ruth is damn good at making sandwiches.
by Josephmr June 20, 2005
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