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EAST SIDE SAN JOSE-From the East Hills, down to Yerba Buena High School. From Berryessa rd, down to Silver Creek. East Side San Jose is just east of down town, some people consider it across from 101 highway, but they're wrong. East Side San Jose is a Latino, Phillipino, and Vietnamese cultured neighborhood. It is the most active neighborhood out of all of San Jose due to its higher crime rate. Even though the east side may look a little slumpy, it is full of beautiful Latin and Asian culture that is blinded by the street gangs, and grafitti. East Side San Jose has a long history, it was home to CESAR CHAVEZ, the revolutionary Chicano speaker, and riots that occured back in the 60's. Today, East Side San Jo is run by Nortenos, crips, Surenos. East Siders take pride in where they came from, and what theyre representing, no matter how bad things get. East Side San Jos my home, and I'll never forget it..
ESSJ-EAST SIDE SAN JO RIFA! Story and King for life!
by JoseC April 11, 2009

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