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The nicest and most humble part of Roslyn. Compared to Roslyn Estates, Roslyn Harbor, or Country Estates we are nothing. People are very nice and live in moderate sized suburb houses.
Jap: ew you live in east hills
by roslynchica November 26, 2012
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A village located within Roslyn on Long Island full of the most stuck up, pretentious, snobby people you'll ever meet. When kids turn 16 they get a Range Rover or other luxury SUV. And in East Hills you must drive one or be looked down upon. Most of the houses are huge McMansions, and they hire day laborers in roach trucks to do their lawns. Nobody does their own lawn or they are looked down upon as well. Anyone taking the bus is usually a day laborer or nanny. East Hills has its own private security force as well as a private park where only residents from East Hills are allowed.
Darn, I have to walk home tonight because the buses are too jammed with illegal day laborers hired by people in East Hills.
by LIisinvaded November 10, 2010
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