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A person with Red/ Ginger hair. Best describes those that have particulalry pale (sometimes pasty) skin and light freckles in conjunction with the unfortunate hair colour.
…You know the chap I mean… the frube in accounts…

I can't believe the amount of frubes in the Rose of Tralee this year!

How many frube friends have you got?

Which CSI do you watch?… Oh definitely the one with that frube Caruso
by Jonsel Bear August 16, 2006
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Colloquialism originated in inner city Dublin, Ireland.
Derived from 'and anyway'. Typically used in phrases where the 'and' is extraneous, the word 'anyway' alone being sufficient.

Often used in conjunction with the word 'buh' (local pronunciation of 'but') as an ending to a phrase.
The word 'buh' is generally used in place of 'though'
1. Sure I'll see you later n'anyway.

2. N'anyway I told you about it before.

3. It'll be a laugh n'anyway buh'
by Jonsel Bear July 2, 2007
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