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Awkward sex, in which the full range of motion required for deep penetration and proper rhythm is not available. Often rushed, spur-of-the-moment, and alcohol induced. Commonly performed in cars, closets, small bathrooms, and campers.
Greg: So how was it?

Jonny: Intense! We got locked in the trunk of Bill's car together and strugglefucked the whole way home!
by Jonny Zip January 02, 2007
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Lost in the jungle with no weed.
When Jonny finally climbed above the second tier of branches and vines, he poked his head into the open, into the sun for the first time in days and squinted into the harsh light. A subtle breeze ruffled his beard, stirring the small birds that had taken nests inside. He saw no signs of civilization in any direction, and reached for a branch to steady himself as he felt faint suddenly, quickly losing hope for rescue or a chance run in with friendly natives. He regained his equilibrium and slid down the bark into a squatting position. Reaching into his pack he removed his pipe and tin, and sighed, knowing he was about to smoke himself out of pot. But the tin was empty already- he lost track of how much he'd smoked with the drunken orangutan the night before. He was truly Indiana Jones'n at this point, and threw the pipe in a childish outburst that made him angry all the more. He was losing composure...
by Jonny Zip August 26, 2007
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Someone that rents living space to his buddies. Often gets screwed out of payment, or gets paid in services or drugs.
Jonny lived in his buddy Eric's spare bedroom, but couldn't pay his rent on time. Luckily, Eric was a kind friendlord and allowed Jonny to clean up garbage at his other properties in lieu of rent.
by Jonny Zip January 06, 2007
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1. the face you see in the mirror while tripping on acid.

ex: whoa, i think its kicking in, because i can see my tracerface.

2. a deragatory term for someone that is currently tripping too hard.

ex: god damn it you fucking tracerface turn the lights back on! enough twirling lit cigarettes around.

3. someone that did too much acid over the course of their life.

ex: josh is such a tracerface he can't even hold a job anymore, much less be responsible for someone else.
holy shit! my tracerface is undulating.
by Jonny Zip November 04, 2006
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Whenever I get a couple beers in me all I can think is LGSC.
by Jonny Zip November 04, 2006
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A play on the word "unemployment", referring to a person that is receiving unemployment benefits but not pursuing a replacement job.
After Josh lost his job at the warehouse he didn't even glance at the classifieds for three or four weeks. He sat around the house, playing Xbox and jacking off on the government's dime. Gotta love those on-enjoyment benefits!
by Jonny Zip December 21, 2006
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1. slang term for cocaine

ex: i'd like to get some chop

2. to snort cocaine

ex: i chop with hot chicks only.

a chronic cocaine user is referred to as a chopper, and gets a ranking in his circle of friends according to how much he buys. chopper 1, chopper 2...

Should we chop tonight?
by Jonny Zip November 04, 2006
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