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When one acts VBB, he/she has displays characteristics of going beyond what a reasonable person would do to avoid social interaction and/or awkwardness.
1)"I'm going to be VBB today and just sit in and read wikipedia"

2) "Dude, why did Sheila move all the way to Silverlake when all her friends live in West LA?"

"She's being VBB, she wont have to run into anyone randomly there"

by Jonny Iosim August 04, 2008
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Short for "devastating for morale". Used to describe excessively painful/uncomfortable events.
Husband: "OMG, we lost all our money in the stock market."
Wife: "Wow, thats really D4M

Arash: Wow you just beat me four times in a row.
Jonny: D4M isnt it?
by Jonny Iosim February 22, 2009
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Nickname for NBA great Danny Granger. Also can be used to describe the area around him on the court. Congrats on the All Star team Granger!!!!!

Fan: Good game Granger Zone
Danny Granger: Thanks fan


Announcer: Oh my did you that steal by Danny, that is why you do not go into the Granger Zone.
by Jonny Iosim February 22, 2009
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adj: describing an event that is extremely excruciating to bare through.
Man: I have to go to the Opera with my brother and his annoying wife...its going to be a soul sucking night.

Rash: Oh man, finals are 3 weeks away, what a soul sucking month its going to be.
by Jonny Iosim November 01, 2010
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