4 definitions by Jonnadiah

A friendless human characterized by a big (and we mean enormous) nose and excessive amounts of dandruff. This poor creature's sole purpose is to make other students feel better about low test grades.

Currently, the owner of Musty's nose is Jonnadiah, but the deed is often passed around in exchange for small sums of money (or Spicy Chicken Sandwiches)
Student: Ah, sh*t, I got a 69 on the AP Euro test. What did you get Musty?
Musty: 42.
Student: Well, at least I'm not you.
by Jonnadiah December 13, 2004
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A quiet child who spends most of his time in school either sleeping or writing his violent novel about violence. When at home, Jonnadiah rarely leaves his computer, except to go to karate and eat. Jonnadiah is often seen with Musty or in classes with Bogo or Washburn

Jonnadiah is characterized by his stunning good looks, small size and uncontrolable hair. On the internet, he can easily be recognized because he chats with full sentences, caps, and punctuation as well as incredibly bad spelling.

Relavent entries:
Jonnadiah: Do you happen to know why Erick is sometimes so defient?
Scof: It's spelled defiAnt.
Jonnadiah: Dammit
by Jonnadiah December 13, 2004
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1. A fat waste of life who succeeds at nothing but wasting valuable natural resources.
2. The unpopular kid who is kicked off the shcool elections ballot because his posters "mock everything the administration has worked so hard to set up."
3. An 11th grader who does absolutely nothing in Physics class, but proceeds to ace every single fucking test.
4. A Scapegoat
Teacher: "What was that loud banging?"
Class: "LEFFERTS!"
by Jonnadiah December 13, 2004
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A cheerful and intelligent being who assists Jonnadiah by editing most of his works. The Scof is famous of despencing gum as well as being a prominent drama member.

Scof rules.
Person 1: Do you have any gum?
Person 2: No, go ask Scof.
by Jonnadiah December 13, 2004
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