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Great place for listening to music, mud riding and all night parties. We have two very laid back cops and everyone knows everyone else's business. It could easily be mistaken for Mayberry, with the exception of wealthy people getting away with murder. Seriously I know this guy who beat his kid's ass, got caught with a shitload of meth and didn't serve a single day because he comes from "good people". The lake is beautiful, the food is good and there is nothin like a good bonfire and moonshine duing the summer. Great place to party, but not to live. Horribly over run with realtors. The elementary school is slowly goin down hill. You will not find work in this town unless you have a family business which has existed for at least 50 years. YOu can only join a women's club or something of the sort if your capri's match you SUV.
Hey baby let's move to Arley. It's so beautiful and everyone seems so nice.
baby: Bitch are you out of your mind? We are poor and if we piss JimBob off, he'll give Jonny a six pack to dump our asses in the bottom of Smith Lake.
by Jonica March 14, 2008

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