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Commonly known as "Fear" in Germany,
Angst can also describe something, if someone is told to stop angsting, they usually whine, weep and are mostly very childish, Angst is also a part of Scandinavian culture, as we all know, Scandinacia (Northern Europe) is a very dark territory during winter, and depression reaches it's highest peak at this point of the year, this is the golden "age" of angst, most teenagers, AND olders become "Angsted", they do not care for their lifes, other people's lifes, their job or about anything, they live their everyday lifes in gray dark world without any peak of hope. Most people who are depressed, can also descriped as "Angsted", this term is mostly used when talking about teenage-depression, and/or short-term depression or mood-change.
by Jonesy McGregory November 01, 2003

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Usually found from IRC (internet Relay Chat)
A very perverted, possibly young caucasian male, who enjoys making fun of himself, others around him, and almost everything there is to be made fun off.
Below we have a typical FAP (short for FlyingAttackPorcupine) phrase:
(FlyingAttackPorcupine) let em crawl in the asshole, then feel em walking up inside you
by Jonesy McGregory November 01, 2003

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