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Whoreass is a term used to describe girls that wear goggles while playing basketball or having sex. Typically the term is used to make fun of your friend who had sex with such a girl.

Whoreass (Horace) is derived from former NBA power forward, Horace Grant who was known for wearing goggles during games.

These girls are usually goblinfucks and require a good ghostfucking.
Brian: I heard Johnny was bringing ol' Whoreass over tonight.

Chris: Better break out the sheets.
by Jonastud Coffey May 16, 2007
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When you're engaging in sexual activity in front of your closest friends who want to see the action, but don't want to see you. Put a sheet over your body -- leaving eyeholes, a mouth hole, and a dick hole -- and let your girl grind the ghost.
Dude, did you see Jonathan Ghostfuck the shit out of Courtney last night!?
by Jonastud Coffey May 16, 2007
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