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A happy ending or a happy ever after.
Derived from the Walt Disney movies, which all seem to have an ending just a bit too merry.
A: "Yesterday my girlfriend asked me to marry her."
B: "Aww, come on! Don't tell me she pulled all that disney crap on you again?"
by Jonas Martinsson April 23, 2008

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From the word "dehydrated".

1. The refreshing feeling when one has consumed large amounts of water after a straining exercise or during an extremely hot day. Generally curing dehydration.

2. Also useable as a verb: to rehydrate.
Ex 1: In the euphoria that followed my rehydration I fell asleep naked on the floor.

Ex 2: Had I not rehydrated, I would surely have evaporated in the heat.
by Jonas Martinsson June 03, 2008

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