23 definition by Jolly Roger

A lesbian trucker who is often unattractive sporting a butch haircut, broad shoulders, chain drive wallet, tattoos, flannel shirt, blue jeans and a tire knocker, often missing one or more front teeth as a result of bar room brawling.
Mr. Public's wife used to be cute but she changed after she had a few kids. She chopped her hair, got tattoos and started hanging out with all her lesbian friends at the truck stop, she turned into a diesel dyke.
by Jolly Roger August 17, 2004

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1) A man with an excessive fascination and attraction for lesbians and who goes out of his way to be around them in hopes that he might get laid or witness lesbian activity or both.
2) A gay male who hangs mostly around lesbians and often maintains a pimp like stature.
1) That dyke daddy knows were butch but if he wants to buy us another drink I wont stop him.
2) Geoffry was the number one dyke daddy and was even allowed in the girls restroom at the club
by Jolly Roger March 16, 2004

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