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This only applies to one person on this planet. The mission: Apollo 11 takes place with bottle rockets. When joho was little kid, he would make space ships out of water bottles and paint them to make them look like space ships. Over the years he upgraded from water bottle to gatorade to finally 2 gallon milk jug. This experiment was to send his astronauts to the moon hoping to find new life form. His first test was on his own bruther, edward. But he soon found out, edward had no moon. So the tests were invalid. Now he hopes to send his astronauts to Pam's moon in hopes of finding new life form. After many years of repeated tests, he is hoping for the neil armstrong astronaut to come out. If he isn't careful though, he might end up in Mars or worse, Mercury. He has calculated everything out, and the best idea would be to send multiple ships to the moon at once. Little does he know though, someone might already have been to the moon. True story, based on accurate interview with the infamous joho. We will keep you updated with the specs of how his mission goes. For now, let us pray for a safe trip for his little astronauts. Good night!
I have been running many tests on Apollo 11. I want to send my astronauts to the moon.
by Joho 2.0 May 12, 2012
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