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Trapped Under Ice
An pionerring American hardcore band from Baltimore.
They play a dark brutal side of hardcore music with 2 EP's and one studio album.
Bro, did you go to the TUI gig last night?
TUI 'til I die
by Johnfrusciantejnr June 07, 2011
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The strict training of the Uber-man has produced some high-energy gamers and sports persons within it's reign.

The program which you have to stick to is half an hour of sleep every six hours.

This increases your energy, mental and physical health. Once you get over the first week you begin to feel like you have much more energy and not so tired.
guy 1:Dude, James' doing the Uberman soon
guy 2: He'll never last, most don't get past the first few sayd.
by Johnfrusciantejnr November 08, 2010
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